Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Not The 9 O'Clock News

Couple of updates for ya.

First off, recording (round 2 actually) is about to begin for an LP which will be coming out on Painkiller Records from Boston MA. We couldn't be happier about this, PKR has the baddest style ever known to man and are the best in the fuckin' business. Expect some hard shit.

Second, to coincide with the aforementioned LP, we will be playing DAMAGED CITY FEST in Washington DC in April with the likes of UNITED MUTATION, COKE BUST, NO TOLERANCE, PRISONER ABUSE, BOSTON STRANGLER, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, CULO, GIVE, NIGHT BIRDS, ILSA etc etc and some sick headliners yet to be confirmed.
Then we will be heading out on a tour of the eastern/Midwest United States. Come and stomp.

More news as we make it, fuckers.